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[June 13th, 2010 @ 1:29am]
well i got a job..finally! and i'm lovin it! i just feel so much better now that i'm getting out of the house, having a routine and makin some money....working outdoors, getting some exercise, getting my hands dirty. i can't complain. it's going really good so far. i'm learning a lot.  it's cool as hell being able to see Mike at work too haha.

big question is, i'm not sure what to do about the Navy now. i was starting to get really psyched all over again about it. just another fuck up happened. my luck. i've been doing a lot of research about being a Navy Diver. that's something i've always wanted to do. i've always wanted to be in deep waters, with sea life all around me and doing some kickass stuff. i've always wanted to learn how to do that stuff though. but then this bullshit with the test happens.
right now i'm just glad i got a job, because with the way the whole Navy thing is going i started to feel worthless without one. sometimes i even think i'm too stupid to get into the military...i just have a lot of thinkin to do.
i guess in the meantime i could get my scuba diving certificate. i've been wanting to do that for a few years now. just couldn't afford it, but now that i have a job i totally can. only problem is is that i don't know anyone else who is certified so who the hell would i dive with? don't wanna do it alone.

Nikki and i have been workin things out. and things have been going pretty good so far. we seem to have a lot more to do now than just lay around the house. and we do seem to be closer.  but i have to admit, there are still times where she just...brings me down...she has a funky ass attitude that i must say is really getting old. it can really bring my good mood to an all time low. when it comes to other guys, sometimes i still can't help but question her. hey, it's happened before. i'm tryin my hardest to trust her with my life, but with some of the shit i've seen in her phone the past few weeks, it's almost hard to....sometimes i even ask myself why i put up with it. it's bullshit. if you love me, why do you do it? when you do it, it kinda tells me you don't love me that much....idk...anyway....things are goin well...
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[April 23rd, 2010 @ 3:30pm]
you say you've changed. but from what all i keep hearing, there hasn't been much change at all. just a lot of sweet talk.
i like it when we're together, just hangin out and all that good stuff. there is a part of me that really does wanna be with her...but sometimes i still get that burning thought in the back of my head, is what all she's told me bullshit? how much is she really holdin back from me?, but she just wont come clean.... that's what i ask myself. she tells me this and that...i wanna believe her, but then again, not really. there has just been so much bullshit in the past that she's given me that has really effected my trust in her. why should i believe when she denies it and tells me this and that?

all her friends tell me this happened and that happened...even now, which is beyond me. but then you say you told them to tell me that...yea, 4 months later you randomly have them tell me this? when you didn't even know we talked? havin a very hard time believin that. and i think i have every reason to.
if you don't have honesty, there's no trust. if there's no trust, then where's the love....if you have none of that, then you have shit that's not even worth goin through.....sometimes i still ask myself, what have you been hidin from me this whole time?
even if it's just a little tiny lie, it raises questions. if it's not that big a deal, then why hide it? then i ask myself, what else is there that's being hidden?

i love her to death and all, and underneath the bs, she really is a great person, and i can possibly see a future with her....but that's the main reason i don't wanna commit right now....you'd be surprised on what could happen if you'd be 110% honest, no matter how bad it may be.
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[January 21st, 2010 @ 12:22am]
well..we're actually doing this.

taking time apart from eachother.

it's not easy...but i'm getting by...i'm keeping myself busy most of the time

i'm already having a friend who's trying to introduce me to someone....i just really don't care right now....i mean, i'm not sure what's gonna happen between Nikki and i....it ended pretty ugly, but i guess you can say we're on good terms now...which is good. i took her to work today. it felt kinda awkward for a while...why idk, but it kinda did. i just didn't know what all to say...it was good seein her though.

i really do miss her a lot, but i know that this time apart is really what we both need....just so much shit has gone on in the past month

i finally found myself not worrying about it or not constantly having images in my head of what's been told to me....i finally feel.....happy, i guess you could say...the past month, i've been miserable...drama, lies, stress, anxiety, sleeplessness..you name it...i've even been drinking a good bit lately

i really do love Nikki more than anything..but if we really do decide to continue this relationship, there's just so much to do to fix it. so much to talk about and work on...just a lot....all i hope is that she is thinkin seriously about everything

on another note...i'm retaking the asvab again on monday. i'm hopin and prayin that this will be the time. i'm ready to get this show on the road! i've been reading a lot of navy shit so i'm pretty damn jacked lol

i started playin hockey again! haven't played goalie in the adult league in about 5 years...it's been forever...i think i played pretty damn good though. we won 5-2. can't wait for the next game on the 28th! can't wait to hit the ice again. it felt so good bein back out there and seeing everybody i haven't seen in ages
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[January 13th, 2010 @ 7:51pm]
i'm just gonna sit back and see what the hell happens

not even gonna stress over it anymore

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[January 3rd, 2010 @ 11:58pm]
To see you when I wake up
Is a gift I didn't think could be real.
To know that you feel the same as I do
Is a three-fold, Utopian dream.

You do something to me that I can't explain.
So would I be out of line if I said "I miss you"?

I see your picture.
I smell your skin on
The empty pillow next to mine.
You have only been gone ten days,
But already I'm wasting away.
I know I'll see you again
Whether far or soon.
But I need you to know that I care,
And I miss you.
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[January 3rd, 2010 @ 12:24am]
i've never felt this crushed before

i don't even know how to describe it...
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[January 1st, 2010 @ 12:51am]
sometimes i wonder why you stay with me.
idk why i'm such a dumbfuck at times, but i never realize it til later.

i wanted to hold you in my arms tonight and give you our first kiss of 2010. and tell you happy 16th.
but i didn't. i stormed out and came home. i let my emotions and anger from the past couple days get in the way of that

i've just been having so many emotions going through me the past few days, idk what the fuck is the matter with me. i've hardly slept, ate and everything.

we both have our share of mistakes in the past, but we always find a way to move past it

all i want is to be with you and for you to want to be with me so we can start over and let things be the way they used to be..there's nothing i want more.

if you don't want it....then i guess i understand......i don't think i could blame you..

i feel a lot of pain, anger, emotion. i just wanna punch a hole in the goddamn wall..
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[December 21st, 2009 @ 1:37am]
all i want is to be with you...all i want is for you to want to be with me. not a second of the day goes by that i don't think about you. i always feel your touch on my finger tips, i always feel your hands going through my hair or beard..sometimes, i'll lay awake at night just thinking of the future we can build together. even when we're upset with eachother, i still think about it.... when i have kids, i want to have them with you. you're the only girl i want to be with and build a future with...marriage...of course i do, someday...believe it or not, whether i'm just watching tv or just lying in bed, i'll think about what our life would be like...how many kids we'll have, what to name them, how we'd do the nursery, what sports they'd play,  pets, me doing yard work and you coming out to bring me a cold beer...waking up with you next to me and spending everyday with you...i think about these things, and honestly, i can't help but smile. i love you more than anything. you are my one and only Pooh Bear! it's almost Christmas. i'm very excited, but to be honest, as long as i have Nikki by my side, i couldn't ask for anything better. i can't wait for us to spend our 2nd Christmas together! i'm very excited to see family and everyone again. i love the holidays! it's gonna suck when they're over
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[December 15th, 2009 @ 3:00pm]
why do i still get that sketchy feeling sometimes?

am i just paranoid? or is my sketchiness true?

i've been fooled before

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[November 30th, 2009 @ 1:59pm]
well i took the test last week. i should get the results either tomorrow or wednesday. i'm just hoping and praying that i passed and made a good score.

Thanksgiving break is over. it was a lot of fun. Thanksgiving day was pretty fun. we did more driving than anything though lol. but i enjoyed it. Nikki said it kinda sucked, but the way i look at it is, as long as i got to spend it with her, i'm happy and i enjoyed it. friday, we went to see Transiberian Orchestra. it was pretty kickass. i really enjoyed it. i didn't know it would be that cool. and yesterday, we mainly just decorated the house for Christmas. i decorated the big tree outside and Nikki did some random decorations throughout the house. that was a lot of fun. i love this time of year and decorating the house for it. this is the best time of year.

lately, Nikki and i have been having some problems. we've both grown kinda distant from eachother and becoming a bit bored too. but the past week has been really good for us. we've spent a lot of time together and had a lot to do. a lot of alone time, which was needed. i think the holidays is what we both need. a lot to do. this week is her birthday. we're gonna go out of course, friday, we're gonna go get our Christmas tree, a lot of shopping and whatnot. we spend a lot of time together for the holidays. i'm really looking forward to that time with her. experiencing our 2nd Christmas together

i'm excited about Nikki's birthday...well..kinda lol...she already knows what i got her because she's such a snooper lol...but i'm takin her out this weekend. i'm excited about it

i just found out that my last day of school for the semester is monday...pretty crazy. i was thinkin i had at least 2 weeks left. it just went by so fast.. so this week is really my last week, and monday is my exam. i'm very excited to be done with it. get some time off, enjoy the holidays. after the holidays are over, i'm gonna try and get a job. i'm wanting to take a break from school and just find a job and earn some money. that's what i'm really wanting to do. especially since i'm gonna go off to basics, assuming i get in...but yea, i'm really wanting to take a break from school, get a job, and definitely start working out and get myself back in shape.

i need to start shopping soon!!
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[November 23rd, 2009 @ 1:47am]
well i retake the ASVAB test tomorrow...kinda nervous...didn't do so hot the first time. i mean, i feel confident and everything, but i always think, what if i do just as bad again? i really don't wanna take this test a third time...i just wanna take it, make a good score, go to meps, get myself in shape, then go to basics and become a sailor in the USN. that's all i want right now.
i'm sick of all this waiting.
i've studied a good bit this week. i do very good on the practice tests, so that really boosts my confidence up. i just hope i'll do good on the actual test, because i really don't wanna wait another month to take it again...i just wanna get this show on the road.

i hope i'll do good. i'm prayin that i will
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[November 22nd, 2009 @ 1:28am]
well, the whole test thing didn't go as i had hoped...not gonna go there, but i'm retaking it monday. i'm just prayin that i'll do much better and make a good enough score to where i'll have something to work with.

i started playing hockey again...haven't played in 3 years. but i'm playing goalie, which i haven't played in 4 or 5 years...somethin like that...i've been going to the pick up games to get myself back in shape...really enjoying it...and i'm lovin my new pads!! i can't believe i ever stopped playing...feels like old times when i'm out there..love it! can't wait to sign up for the adult league and play in actual games.
and i'm really excited about Nikki coming to see me play...she's been wanting me to play for some time now, and i've never actually had a girl come see me play before lol. so that'll be cool

Thanksgiving is in 4 days. i'm going down to St. George with Nikki and her family. i'm pretty excited about it. she doesn't know this part of her family but i'm still lookin forward to meeting them lol. our 2nd Thanksgiving together. i'm excited about it. i can't believe it's already the holidays. time to go get a tree and shopping. it's my favorite time of year. i'm excited!

so last week, Nikki was kinda setting off my radar...just making me feel a bit skecthy...she's been talking to this guy a lot lately and hangin out with him...sometimes i get the feeling, and i know that she doesn't tell some of these guys that i even exist..she denies it half the time, but i really don't think i can believe it...but i was just getting a weird feeling...but a while back, i gave her my myspace password and she decided to do some snoopin around on it..why is beyond me....but i also had her password...so the other day, i kinda felt like doing the same, just to see if my sketchiness was just bullshit...it wasn't..apparently my girlfriend leads on other guys and chooses not to tell them about me...which, i already had the feeling...but some of the shit i read on there was unbelievable...very questionable stuff...it seriously almost made me think that my girlfriend was a whore....i was about to take her ring and throw it in her face...i smoked a lot of cigarettes that day..it was ridiculous. a guy should never have a girlfriend who does shit like that, for real.
at first, i felt weird going through her stuff, but after seeing that, i didn't regret it one bit....now she told me nothing was going on and that she was just bored and wanted to see who liked her and what she had to work with.....just hearing her say that made me think she's bored with me or something or just doesn't care as much about me as i thought....i mean if you're really "in love" with someone, should you really be telling other guys that you're single and talk about being fuck buddies with them? or tell them you just want some ass? not the way i see it.
she told me she's not foolin around on me or anything. i believe her and all, but i just don't want it to get to the point where i just straight up don't trust her anymore because of shit like that, because it is about as sketchy as it gets...and according to what i've heard from her and her friends, she's got a history of foolin around. i don't want it to get to the point where i'm not gonna believe a word she says..it shouldn't be like that.

but yea, it still kinda worries me though...i mean, i'm over it and all and don't really think about it, but still...it's not what you like to find out what your girlfriend does when you're not around, you know?
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[October 31st, 2009 @ 1:06am]
i had a dream the other night....i was in the Navy, out at sea on deployment, and i was standing alone out on deck just watching the sunset...that's all the dream was. just that....it was quiet, peaceful, just the sound of the ocean and the sunset on the horizon.

you have no idea how excited i am about the Navy. it's pretty much all i write about and think about most of the day.

i just wish like hell my results would hurry up and come in. it's been 5 weeks now. it's getting ridiculous.

Nikki and i have been fighting a good bit lately...well the past week and a half has been good...we worked past everything..but it's gotten to the point to when we fight, we're on the verge of losing eachother. we're both sick and tired of the arguing and fighting, so we always react the same way usually..angry, frustrated, what the hell have you..but the important thing is we worked past it all. i would definitely hate to see her go..i love her more than anything..i just hate that i'm having to leave her for such long periods of time while im in the Navy. we'll still see eachother a good bit, usually every weekend more than likely and stuff like that. but i still hate the thought of leaving her and being so far away from her.

Halloween is tomorrow! i'm pretty excited. me and Nikki are taking her little nephew Andrew trick or treating all over. i'm really looking forward to it. and afterwards, we're gonna watch some scary ass movies! o yes.

well i'm pretty damn tired and i can hardly think right now, so i guess that's it for now

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[October 2nd, 2009 @ 2:23am]
so i took the test...about a week and a half ago. i think it went really well. i hope i made a good score. still haven't gotten the results in, but i talked to my recruiter the other day and he said that he should be getting them in within a couple days, so hopefully tomorrow he'll call me with the results. i hope so, because i'm sick of waiting.
i go to Charlotte in 2 weeks for my physical. still haven't done much of exercising lately. need to get over that. gotta lose a few pounds.

i'm really starting to get psyched though. the experience, the adventure, the opportunities i have ahead of me. and most of all, the honor..i sure as hell can't wait. every time i think about it, i get more excited. and not a minute goes by that i don't think about it.
i just keep wondering when i'll go to basics.

i have a little bit more on my mind right now, but it's 2:30 in the morning and i'm not about to type much more. i'm tired as hell

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[September 21st, 2009 @ 1:06am]
i take the test tomorrow. kinda nervous about it. but i'm ready to get it over with. hopefully i'll make a good score.

2 1/2 weeks from now, i go to Charlotte for my physical. til then, i gotta lose at least 4 pounds. i'm gonna aim for ten. if i'm over weight, they wont let me enlist. gotta start running and workin out! gotta get myself back in shape.

i'm excited as hell. i just think about all the opportunities ahead of me.

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[September 9th, 2009 @ 2:26pm]
well, the more the days go by, the more i'm disliking school. i'm just tired of going to school here. i'm miserable

labor day weekend has passed. it was alright. notre dame had their first game. i'm so glad football is back. and we won 35-0! awesome start. can't wait for this weekend when we play michigan. friday we went to myabi for my birthday. i never get tired of that place! sunday, we went to the apple festival up in Hendersonville. it kinda sucked to be honest. the whole time, i was just hangin out with Nikki and her ex. not exactly what i had in mind. i knew we were gonna see him and all, but i just thought he was just gonna show us where to park, talk for a minute then part ways...not it at all. it was very uncomfortable. first, she wouldn't stop talkin about him, then they talked about the stuff they used to do when they were up there...it kinda got to the point where i started asking myself if i weren't here, would i really be missed? you know? it sucked. but when i saw Mike and Sara walk in, i was like thank God! so we all hung out. i was so relieved to see them...but after we left the bar after having lunch, Mike, Sara and their friend Jamie invited us to go have a beer. i talked it over with Nikki and Tyler and asked if they wanted to hang out with them for a bit. Nikki was kinda pissed about that. she said "i didn't drive all the way up here so you could get drunk with your brother." i was only gonna go for a beer, but alright. but her saying that really pissed me off though, because i sure as hell didn't go all the way up there to hang out with her and her ex. so yea, i looked at her and just about stood up and went with Mike and them....she said the whole point of going up there was to spend time with me..that sure as hell didn't happen....to be honest, to me, it felt like it was more of an attempt to hang out with him.
i confronted her about it later. she just said i'm an asshole and needed to get over it and that it was my fault that i was uncomfortable....i just wish she'd understand how i actually felt, because to me, it seemed like she could've cared less..because we didn't spend any time together at all. Mike and all them were like wtf, why is she makin you hang out with him?

i mean, he didn't act up or anything like that, and yea, he's got a new girlfriend and all, but still...it's just that i felt like i was the third wheel. i felt left out and uncomfortable..of course, why wouldn't you feel that way? they dated for two years, and here i am being made to hang out with him. it seemed more like catching up time for them. and Mike, Sara and their friends showing up was the best thing about that day.

then monday, we went to the fair. it was a lot of fun. we won a goldfish! but unfortunately it died about 8 hours later. but it's ok, we got two more haha.

i'm really getting excited about the Navy. i just keep thinkin about it. i don't have much to update about it right now. not much has been going on. but i'm still excited.

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[September 1st, 2009 @ 1:02am]
tomorrow, me and Nikki celebrate our one year together. i cant' believe it's already here. exactly a year ago we started dating. i'm looking forward to many many many more years with her. she's my pooh bear! can't wait to spend the day with her.

i also can't wait for my birthday. can't believe i'm turning 23. can't wait to see what the hell it is that Nikki got me

i went to the recruiter last thursday. it went really good. i'm meeting him at the office on September 14th, then he's taking me to the Reserve center so i can take the full on practice test. i'm pretty confident in it. he had me take a little 20 minute practice test, just to see where i stood. it wasn't too bad. just the 4 main important categories of the test. i made a 51, which is good. i got the majority of them correct, but i still need to study a bit. he said if it was the real test, i would've gotten 15+ points more than a 51, so that was good to hear. on the real test, if you score under 50 in those 4 main categories, there's really nothing they can do for you. i just hope i can get a good score on it so i'll have more choices while i'm in the Navy. i'm excited!

i'm so tired of school. it's gotten to the point where i dread it. can't stand it. last year, i loved all my classes. they were a lot of fun and i really enjoyed them all. but as the spring semester came to a close, i started to feel burnt out...again.....i think i'm just tired of Greenville. i mean, i'm so very excited about the Navy and i'm excited about going to school in the Navy...but i'm sick of going to school here...i need a change of scenery. i've been here my whole life. i know that when you want something, you gotta work for it. but it's hard to do that and study when you're just sick of it. it's hard to apply yourself when you're not committed. i talked to aunt Donna about how sick of school i've become, and she said she thiks it's because i'm tired of Greenville and i need a change. i strongly agree.
i just don't know how to bring that up with dad. i'm not sure if my mom has brought it up with him, but i hope so.
my dad is all about study study study. so yea, i'm afraid to tell him i don't wanna go to Tech anymore.
but yea...i'm just tired of going to Tech. i'll definitely go to school in the Navy, but i'm just tired of Tech.
guess that's it for tonight
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[August 26th, 2009 @ 1:35am]
well i go thursday to talk to a recruiter. i'm pretty excited. a bit nervous, but excited. this is a big step.

my whole life i've been a big talker..i say i want or am going to do things, but i never do, nor even take it into serious consideration...such as working on a shrimp boat..something i'd absolutely love to do...never happened..among other things...but this...i'm actually doing it. i'm going to talk to a recruiter, discuss my future with the Navy. this is definitely the biggest step i've taken in my life and i gotta tell you..i'm pretty excited..just the thought of it.

so i found out some sad news earlier...one of my brothers old best friends committed suicide last night...according to everything i know about Joey, he was a very nice guy, very funny..couldn't go 2 minutes without tellin a joke. i heard he shot himself...i only knew him through Mike, but this is kinda fuckin with me. i've always liked Joey. him and Mike have known eachother since the 6th grade. he was a fun guy to be around. he just didn't have the best life to live...he wanted nothing to do with his father, he didn't like his mother, then she passed away a few years back, i don't think him and his brothers were very close neither, couldn't hold a job....but even though all those things were going on in his life, he was still a good person. i just can't believe he actually did that.....i just can't help but have the image in my head of him just sitting there, with a gun to his head. it bothers the hell out of me.
i just hope his kid will be alright.

R.I.P. Joey Mangum

on to something else.... i keep thinkin about me and Nikki's future together. i'm starting to feel more confident which is making me feel better about leaving for a large amount of time. i just think about kids and all that, and of course just bein with her. it makes me happy.
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[August 17th, 2009 @ 12:54am]
well school starts tomorrow..not really lookin forward to it. i'm gonna miss the summer.

so i promised Nikki i'd give her a ring before i go off to the Navy...it's a lot on me to be honest with you. proposal wasn't the first thing on my mind when it came to joining the Navy. but i definitely hate the thought of leaving her here with nothing, and i definitely don't wanna end things. the main things i think about with that is drama and money....we don't have what most people call a drama free relationship..but it is getting much better...but still...if i'm married, i don't want ANY bullshit. that's something i really want her to see.....and money...good lord..if i gave her $100, that shit will be gone the next day...i want her to learn to save her money, not spend it...sure you can get yourself a little somethin every now and then, but not all the time.....the way i see it is, if you're married to me, you better know how to save your money. because I'M not gonna be the one who supports us...it's gonna be the both of us
but on a lighter note, i really do like the thought of being with her...a lot.  :-)

but before we think about moving in with eachother...none of that's happening until i get on my feet, get a lot of money saved and start living comfortably, then we'll do it...i don't want us to be living together the second i get stationed somewhere. i can't have any distractions..she takes that as a bad thing, but what i really mean is i just wanna do school, study and do my job on my own. and if Nikki were there, that would distract me..lol

the more i think about it, i really can't wait. i feel very honorable right now. i can feel it..haha...and that's a good thing.

a few days ago i started to feel pretty nervous about the ASVAB test. i read that if you make enough of a bad score, you can't enlist. so i went to Barnes & Noble and bought a couple books on how to succeed in it, and i took the practice test and i actually did pretty decent on it. i scored a 114, which i guess would be compared to a 65 on a regular test? maybe? idk. may not sound that great now, but i know i can improve that score like hell. half of the subjects on the test involve stuff i haven't studied since my sophmore year in high school, so yea..i know i can do much better than that 114. and that score can actually get me a pretty decent job in the Navy too, so that really boosted my confidence up!

but yea...the Navy...i like that. and when my family, my cousins..everybody..when they say how awesome it is that i wanna do that...i kinda already feel like a hero to them, and let me tell you..that's a cool feeling...i can't imagine how it would feel once i graduate basics and officially become a sailor in the U.S. Navy..i guess i'll see when the time comes
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[August 10th, 2009 @ 12:30am]
well, the more i think about it, the more excited i actually get about joining the Navy.

i mean, i know it'll be good for me. it'll help me grow up and become a better person...a better  man...get a good job, make good pay, live on my own. and not to mention doing some pretty kick ass stuff. the more i think about all that, the more excited i get...the best part is the honor of being a sailor in the United States Navy, and the respect i'll get.
i know there's probably some people i know who think i'm just full of shit and all talk, because i have a lot of wants...i say want too much.....i "want" to live in Hawaii for a while. i "want" to live in Key West for a while. i "want" to learn to scuba dive. i "want" to travel and go places. i "want" a macaw. i "want" to work on a shrimp boat. i "want" to own a pub...and that's just the start of it.

and i'm sure there are some people out there who probably think i'm just all talk about this Navy stuff....i wanna prove them wrong. i want them to see who's full of shit.

first off, i gotta get my lazy ass back in shape. i KNOW this isn't gonna be easy. the past 2 years, i haven't done much of anything. just sit on my ass really....so yea, it's gonna be a challenge..i wanna work for it though.

on another subject. this weekend was fun. yesterday, Nikki and i took Andrew to the zoo. it was actually a lot of fun. that zoo has changed since i remember. Andrew was a trip. calling the elephants monkeys lol.all three of us sweat our asses off. literally! it was hotter than hell..but it was a lot of fun!
last night, we went to the race with dad. he had never been to Greenville Pickens before. he really enjoyed it. i'm kinda getting hooked on this racing stuff. dad was wanting to go to Charlotte sometime in November to the dirt racing thing. we may go. it should be a lot of fun.

school starts next week. i find it very hard to believe. i'm kinda excited i guess. it's just that lately i've had my mind set on the Navy so i'm hardly even thinkin about school. my mind has been set on that big decision....i can't believe i've been out since May 5th. that feels like such a long time ago and now i'm going back. kinda sucks. the only good thing is is that football starts in under a month. very excited about that

when are the Red Sox gonna get their shit together!!!!

Don't go for the one!

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